Liberty events and contracts scaffolding ltd

Liberty Events & Contracts Scaffolding Ltd. is new, a very productive and dedicated company in the field of event Scaffolding. It embarked on its journey in 2014 aiming to strive and excel in the field of event scaffolding. LECS is a reputed, well known and established quality company in Kenya.

Kenya currently is booming and is steadily emerging as a perfect destination to hold Events, Concerts and Shows after South Africa. Liberty Events & Contracts Scaffolding Ltd. desires to tap this market and cater to all the needs for Events, Constructions, Design Solutions and lots more. We offer highly effective and safe solutions with cost effective products and services, thereby keeping our clients and customers highly satisfied at all times.

We are proud to have worked & contributed on a variety of entertainment, educational projects, business events etc. We have worked on sporting events, graduation ceremonies, Inaugurations events, Live touring musical and entertainment based concerts, science exhibitions and many more. Our cliental varies from Event Organizers, Universities and schools, Sports Committee and Federations, Government and Private Hospitals, Government Bodies, Star rated Hotels etc.
We also provide Event scaffolding and service solutions for High Profile Weddings and Private Occasions or Events. We are also specialized in providing purpose built event seating stands, V.I.P stage and arenas, Large screen supports, Sign boards, Offshore stages, Camera towers, Control booths, Lighting towers and lots more…


Liberty Events & Contracts Scaffolding Ltd. also takes extreme care and safety measures involving all of our workers, therefore we train them thoroughly which takes them through training course at our in-house facility along Mombasa road.
All workers go through vigorous and effective training to make them a skilled and reliable manpower. Our specialized training course consists of a syllabus meeting the internationally recognized scaffolding standards like C.I.T.B / E.I.T.B.