Kenya currently is booming and is steadily emerging as a perfect destination to hold Events, Concerts and Shows after South Africa. Liberty Events & Contracts Scaffolding Ltd. desires to tap this market and cater to all the needs for Events, Constructions, Design Solutions and lots more. We offer highly effective and safe solutions with cost effective products and services, thereby keeping our clients and customers highly satisfied at all times.




Liberty Events & Contracts Scaffolding Ltd. was established to provide such a service, whilst focusing on supplying Scaffolding in Kenya and installation of scaffolding to the international contractors who were already familiar with and demanded high standards. We have been actively working with the Oil, Gas and Petro Chemical Industries here in Kenya throughout the last 2 years and have established a reputation for quality, reliability and safe execution of works, a reputation of which we are proud. But only through the continual focus of personnel training in new scaffolding techniques, safety awareness and with on site experience, we aim to maintain that reputation.

Sales and Hire

You can hire different scaffolding equipment. It can either be temporary or long-term depending on the period that it will take for you to raise up the structure. We provide scaffolding clamps, adjustable crew jacks, walk-through frames, towers and joint pins, base plates and shuttering plates.


Welding and Fabrication

We create metal structures by forging ,cutting, bending, shaping and joining sections of metal together during the assembling processes.This involves making products and components from raw or semi-finished materials to suite your needs, style and demand.